What does the fraudulent use of the site involve?

The reproduction of all material published on the website is forbidden.

The fraudulent use of the website involves the immediate cancellation of the subscription without refund.


Why my subscription stops to work?

The website is consultable by personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

The subscription to https:www.mazzariolstefanolibrary.com allows unlimited access to all its content for three IP addresses per user.

Simultaneous access of a different IP then those registered implicates the cancellation of a subscription without refund.

Which kind of contents will I find in the library?

Nel sito sono presenti queste tipologie di contenuti:

  • ADVERTISING (collection of vintage watches advertising)
  • CATALOGUES (collection of vintage Rolex and other important brands catalogues)
  • SPARE PARTS CATALOGUES (information vintage catalogues about watches spare parts)
  • PHOTOGALLERIES (a huge photo archive realized by Stefano Mazzariol )
  • CURIOSITY (collection of news and curiosities about rare watches)
  • VINTAGE PRICE LISTS (collection of vintage price lists of watches)
  • DIALS (collection of photos, catalogues, vintage price lists and curiosities about watch dials)
  • BEZELS(collection of photos, catalogues, vintage price lists and curiosities about watch bezels)
  • BRACELETS (collection of photos, catalogues, vintage price lists and curiosities about watch bracelets)
  • BLOG ARTICLES (articles written by Stefano Mazzariol about rare and particular watches)

Which language will I find the contents?

The photobooks created for catalogues, advertisings, vintage price lists and curiosities are the result of scans of original documents, therefore the contents language reflects the writing language. To help the reader we have translated in English each title reporting an indication of the original language , the year of publication and the category it belongs ( e.g . Rolex " Why do people buy watches " (1970 ) English - Advertising" ) .

The photogalleries are published with English titles. They report the brand, the model, the reference and the category they belong (e.g. "Rolex Submariner ref. 6538 – Dials Photogallery").

The Stefano Mazzariol's blog articles are also published as photobooks. These photobooks are available in two languages (Italian ad English) upload in the corresponding web site version.

Each content is associated to keywords ( tags ) in Italian and English in order to expedite the research in base of topic.

The general contents language dipends of the web site version.

How can I surf the web site?

The web site is structured with the library metaphor.

On the first shelf of the library there are three big volumes : " Rolex Watches " , " Rolex Special Models " and " Other Brands Watches " .

If you click on the "Rolex Watches" book you access to the Rolex library divided in Rolex models .

If you Click on each model you can open the corresponding library divided by CATEGORIES : Advertising , Catalogues , Spare Parts Catalogues , Photo Galleries , Curiosity , Vintage Price List, Dials , Bezels , Bracelets and Blog Articles .

This type of surf is focused to research contents about a specific Rolex model . For example if the reader wants to collect information about the Rolex Submariner dials , the way to following would be :

"Rolex Watches" -> "Rolex Submariner" -> "Rolex Dials"
On shelves below the first of home library there are the Rolex CATEGORIES volumes . Each Rolex category includes ALL Rolex published contents independently of model. This type of surf is indicated for the reader who wants to have a global vision of published photobooks present in library.

The quickest method of research is by keywords ( TAG ) .

Below the menu bar there is a research box accompanied by a magnifying glass .

Each content uploaded in the site is associated to Tag . To research the contents available in the web site just write in the box the name of model, brand , category or any other keywords.

Click on "Rolex Special Models" volume to access to Rolex 1530, 5100 Texan, 6062 Little stars, 8171, Arabic Crest, Comex, Rolex Military Watches, Rolex Special Edition, Vintage Rolex Tropical.

Clicking on each Rolex special model access to library divided into categories.

Clicking on "Other Brands watches" open the library of import brands divided in categories.

e.g. "Other Brand Watches" -> "Longines" -> "Longines Catalogues"

Can I change my account information?

You can change your mail address. If you need to change your mail address with another one during the contract you have to update your personal information on your profile page.

You just click upper right on your user name (e.g. Hi@1234), access to “Modify your profile” and change mail address in “Contact information”.

Replacement of user name and subscription member name are not permitted.

Can I give a subscription?

Yes, you can.

You just write the personal information of beneficiary to e-mail info@stefanomazzariol.it and pay following the instructions provided on screen.

How to renew my subscription?

The subscription is valid for a year from the date of payment . Close to the contract expiration we will send you an email with the instructions about how to renew your subscription .

You can renew your subscription before expiration of the contract, becouse  the renovation will start automatically from the day following the expiry .

Is it possible to terminate the contract?

Due to the nature of the material present in subscription you can’t terminate the contract after payment . However the annual subscription renewal is not automatically.

What are the update times of contents ?

It isn’t an editorial initiative subject to periodic publication , so we will update contents frequently but without fixed maturity.

Which Stefano Mazzariol’s blog articles will I find in the web site?

The entire Stefano Mazzario,’s blog articles necklace.

The blog articles published in www.vintagewatches.it will be entirely moved in www.mazzariolstefanolibrary.it since its activation.

The last blog article written will remain in free version while the complete series will be visible only by taking out a subscription to this web site.

To know the author of blog visit the section “About me” from the main menu.

Why can’t I access into the web site?

Non si riesce ad accedere al sito se:

  • your subscription has expired
  • It has been accessed by an unauthorized device
  • It has been inserted an incorrect password (control capital or small letters)

How can I recover my password if it is lost?

In the event your password is lost you can recover it through the specific procedure of recovery on the login page.

The fraudulent use of the web site implicates the immediate cancellation of subscription without refund.

What are the activation times of the subscription?

If you paid your subscription by pay-pal the activation is immediate. It’ only depends on technical times required to sending mail.

Instead if you made a bank transfer the activation follows the confirmation of payment. In this case the activation time depends on bank.

The user will receive an email of activation confirm in which there will be indicated username and password to login on www.mazzariolstefanolibrary.com

If the user doesn’t receive the email of activation confirm in standard time, it’s necessary to verify that it hasn’t been mistakenly considered spam. Otherwise you don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can I subscribe to the web site?

You can subscribe to www.mazzariolstefanolibrary.com through payment of € 100.00 by:

PayPal to the the mail address sm@mazzariolstefanolibrary.com

Bank transfer 

Bank account details:
Stefano Mazzariol Vintage Watches Consulenze e Perizie
Banca Popolare di Spoleto
via Dario Cassuto 1, Livorno


iban: IT72W0570413900000000361700


To protect the material contained in the website the user admission passes by our incontestable judgment.